Success Stories

Resource Recovery and Inedible Biomass Management in High-Intensity Urban Vertical Farming Applications

By Ajwal Dsouza, graduate researcher, University of Guelph, Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility Challenge: How can a grower manage inedible, organic waste from crop production? Solution: Developed, tested compost methods under controlled environmental conditions to maximize resource recovery Impact: New method improves sustainability, increases circularity of resource use (water, nutrients,…

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Growing trial of greenhouse waste could help open new markets

Challenge: How best to recycle a non-biodegradable mineral wool product used in greenhouse production? Solution: Test compost production using different mixtures as a bulking agent Impact: Extend life of landfill resources, improve sustainability by recycling of resource Researchers from Niagara College’s Horticultural & Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre (HESIC) have played…

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NC researchers validate vertical growing system for commercialization

Challenge: How can we make a vertical growing system more efficient? Solution: Developed, tested new racking system/design Impact: New design reduces water usage, increases grower yield and profitability For more than 50 years, Beamsville, Ont.’s Zwart Systems has been designing and manufacturing custom horticultural technology solutions for the greenhouse industry…

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