Market research gives Niagara greenhouse company confidence to launch successful new product

GGS required market research to understand the feasibility of a specific market segment

Research involved primary and secondary research to better understand the use of carbon in greenhouses

The business gained knowledge about types of greenhouses and recommendations about which markets would be best served by the technology, supporting better decision making by the technology business

GGS is a world-class designer, manufacturer, and installer of commercial greenhouse structures since 1979.  Capturing this market, GGS is looking to diversify its revenue stream and enter the market of carbon capture technology. Although relationships exist in the greenhouse building market, GGS requires market research to understand the feasibility of this market and the steps to take to enter it. They have been building a licensing agreement with a European company to use their existing technology in the North American market. 

Niagara College’s (NC) Business & Commercialization Innovation Centre (BCIC) team utilized primary and secondary research to better understand the use of carbon in greenhouses. Information on the various types of greenhouses were provided along with recommendations on who to pursue first with the green cap technology. Additionally, research into three other identified markets were provided, the use of the technology selected needs to be further assessed to ensure it matches their needs. Information provided gives an understand of how these other identified industries address carbon in their operations.

By conducting this research with NC’s BCIC team, GGS can now confidently use the market research strategies to entry the market and support the successful launch of their product.

This project was made possible by funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, through the Niagara College-led Greenhouse Technology Network.

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(Project #NC113)